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The Roundtable Chatroom is a non-profit community dedicated to AI / ML practitioners that foster communication and sharing of great ideas.

In a world where an increasing number of us are switching to a flexible working style, i.e. remote working, and more professional interactions are moving online, we hope Roundtable Chatroom can help us to achieve the following goals:

Different from other virtual events that accomodate a large and passive audience, the Roundtable Chatroom is designed with small-group discussions in mind with no more than 15 participants per topic. While each topic is guided by a knowledgeable 'Mentor' in the first half of the event, participants are encouraged to speak up as they rotate to a different 'table' (virtual breakout room). The number of participants per 'table' is further reduced to 3-5 for the free discussion session in the second part of the event to ensure active participation.

The first event held in May 2021 was a great success where we recieved more sign-ups than what we could offer. We currently host 2 events per year and would love to hear any feedback.

The Organisers

Shuyu Lin

Shuyu Lin Shuyu's home page


Shuyu is a PhD student at the Computer Science department, University of Oxford. She has been working on representation learning methods based on generative modelling and their applications, such as anomaly detection and image matching. Outside research, Shuyu is keen on making science and research ideas more accessible to the general public. In her free time, Lin loves travel, food and organizing fun events.

Ronald Clark

Dr. Ronald Clark


Ronald is a research fellow at Imperial College London. His research is focussed on bridging the gap between human and computer vision to enable machines to interpret and understand the world the way we do. He did his PhD at the University of Oxford Department of Computer Science, where he was funded by an EPSRC scholarship. He did his BSc and MSc in electrical engineering at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa.

Beverly Chen

Beverly Chen


Beverly is a UX Designer with a background in marketing and business. She received an MPhil in East-Asian studies from the University of Cambridge and is passionate about art, languages, and food. Beverly is the creator of visuals for Roundtable Chatroom, which includes the logo, website, and videos, but is also responsable for the marketing of the community.

Daniel Lenton

Daniel Lenton


Daniel is a Final Year PhD Student in the Dyson Robotics Lab, Imperial College London, working on spatial representations for end-to-end task driven learning, with applications in robotics. Daniel is also a strong advocate for unified tools and frameworks in the broader Machine learning community, and has released numerous open source repositories in this direction. Before starting his PhD, Daniel completed his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, also at Imperial College.

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