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Roundtable Chatroom @ NeurIPS 2021

NeurIPS 2021 Collaboration

10th December 2021, UTC 20:00 - 22:00 (2 hours)

Hosted at NeurIPS 2021 conference
Limited spots are available. Sign-up is required.

Sponsored by Ivy

Mentors and discussion topics

Dr. Edward Johns

Dr Edward johns

Senior Lecturer

Imperial College London

- - Discussion topic - -

Is reinforcement learning useful in the real world?

Dr. Stuart Russell

Prof Stuart Russell

Professor of Computer Science

University of California - Berkeley

- - Discussion topic - -

Can we make AI compatible with human existence?

Dr. Hanna Wallach

Prof Hanna Wallach

Partner Research Manager

Microsoft Research New York City

- - Discussion topic - -

I wish I knew ... at the start of my research career

Dr. Stefan Zohren

Dr Stefan Zohren

Faculty Member

Oxford-man Institute of Quantitative Finance

- - Discussion topic - -

AI in finance

Dr. Pedro Domingos

Prof Pedro Domingos

Professor of Computer Science and Engineering

University of Washington

- - Discussion topic - -

Is deep learning the master algorithm?

How Does It Work?

The Roundtable Chatroom event consists of 2 sessions.
We dedicate the first 1h30min for a session of guided discussions on a range of important topics related to ML. We invite mentors with expert knowledge of these topics to host these discussions. To allow quality engagement, participants will be divided into small groups of 10-15 people and will rotate around different topics and mentors.
The last 30min is a free discussion session, where we randomly break up the participants into even smaller groups of 3-5 people. Any topics are allowed and we hope some valuable friendships will be initiated during these conversations.

Session 1 - Guided discussion

Session 1

The first session will be guided by knolwedgeable mentors at different 'tables' (breakout rooms). In a group of no 10-15 people, participants will have the chance to raise any questions they have related to the topic or contribute to the discussion by sharing their opinions. The discussion of each topic lasts for 15-20min.

Session 2 - Free discussion

Session 2

In the second session, we will reduce the group to even smaller size (3-5 people). There is no restriction on the topics to be brought up, although code of conduct still applies. This session is designed to allow us to build a layer of peer support, as we all share similar challenges and opportunities. Let's talk about them and help each other!

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